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Third World Quarterly & the case for colonialism debate

This is a curated and regularly updated overview over the events that followed after the publication of Bruce Gilley's article The Case for Colonialism in the journal Third World Quarterly.

I have maintained a Storify about this topic since September 2017, but since Storify announced its end of life for May 2018 I recreated the developments in this blog post.
This post will be updated if and when new articles, comments etc. appear, but my original Storify will not be updated.

The original article is no longer available on the journal's website:
This Viewpoint essay has been withdrawn at the request of the academic journal editor, and in agreement with the author of the essay. Following a number of complaints, Taylor & Francis conducted a thorough investigation into the peer review process on this article. Whilst this clearly demonstrated the essay had undergone double-blind peer review, in line with the journal's editorial policy, the journal editor has subsequently recei…

Links & Contents I Liked 262

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Development news: #AidToo; Ed Sheeran, War Child & well-deserved radiator awards; against charity; visualizing life in the camps in Bangladesh; humanitarian data breaches as policy challenges; Women Peacemaker Program closes; the political economy of crisis responses then & now; decolonizing development studies; how can film support development work? Twiplomacy 2017; Balkans & transitional justice beyond The Hague; relationships matter for charities; warm & cuddly SDGs; wrapping up a micro-finance project.

Our digital lives: Did 'atmosphere models' show up at your tech Christmas party?

Publications: Looking at the visual stories of 'buy one, get one for free' campaigns.

Academia: How twitter & podcasts can put you on a 'pathway to impact'; 5 ways to fix statistics.

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Third World Quarterly & the colonialism debate
The debate that keeps on giving-my updates Storify

Links & Contents I Liked 261

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Development news: Humanitarian crises in 2018; an excellent long-read about the protracted crisis in and around Chad; NGOs blocked from WTO summit; humanitarian data breach; WFP & the blockchain hype; the use of untested 'innovation' vs. humanitarian law & principles; Uganda's lucrative orphanage complex; visualizing #globaldev from Barbie Savior to female war photographer; from banker to peacekeeper; the language of sexual exploitation; fiction from Nigeria; transformational change leadership; journalism from Sri Lanka & 30 things to think about.

Our digital lives: China's bike graveyard; facebook enters mentoring, learning & education; the image(s) of Mark Zuckerberg.

Academia: Banning laptops & other things from the classroom; don't fall for fake conferences!


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Achieved my popular media engagement quota for this week thanks to @schmarsten's inclusion of my #allmalepanel tweet…